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Thank for visiting. You may know me from a variety of art mediums from independent films swirl journalism to underground television or stage performances and my first artistic love is crafting did you know I can crotchet a blanket blindfolded with my hands cuffed behind my back? I digress. 2012 found me artistically multi media; my main project the six films marinated this fall -one is a documentary about elder abuse starting with my Mother. Good to switch mediums.

 The model is one of my oldest friends
in San Francisco and is in a swirl marriage (Peruvian wife).

Six month swirl Fakebook page experiment morphed into a popular & influential community. Now private dating coaching and a book!

Queen of the Pen allowed me to go buckwild on her radio show. I sound sweet and laugh alot.

Beyond Black and White had me host their San Francisco event at 111 Minna. Fun in my convertible Norma Kamali dress.

Marga Gomez gave me the mic.

Lower Polk Alley

Show your love for bohemian arts while  Original embellished art neckties, party purses, glitter paintings and crazy little boxes created and shown in San Francisco since the 1990's and beyond.

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Hi! Whats up!

Cannot do anymore field research!
So I've chilled on that and have been painting and working on my other artistic mediums you know I'm a triple threat these days you have to bring it. Super excited about my first online store and of course the six films and I have a new hobby which has developed into a book so as you can see I'm busy as haystacks in the wind!

Talk to you soon!


Great! New Perks

Check this out.

The 69 for Six Tee 

Receive your very own artsy 69 For Six tee shirt designed by Dee Dee Russell. We've got small up to Extra Extra Large. You will also have your name added as a supporter on the 69 For Six website.

All artists love our family and friends. Here's why it's important and here's it's nessary for you to help us make these six films.

Hi I'm Dee Dee Russell of the Dee Dee TV Show and I'm working on a six film campaign. Why six films?
Please help me show the world, San Francisco, California and anyone who every wanted the underdog to win that it's possible to fund six films with a show of support from friends around the world on IndieGoGo.

69 for Six is a maverick kamazie experiment in filmmaking, the opportunity for real growth and an invitation to challenge the world with independent  film.

 Can you produce six films at once?
69 for six is my most personal project, a direct statement about the need to produce six stories showcasing fasinating indiviuals and the opportunity to make a difference and to do film that matters.


Beyond 69 For Six there are many bonuses, sme unique and never offered again.
Dee Dee TV launched in April 1995 and evolved as the most poular independently-owned Black lady public cable access show in San Francisco. Staying independent means that you are our collaborators. Yes, you're the boss. We're of the people like that.

Faster Pussycat, edit, edit!

it's eventually about entering film festivals and getting an international buzz
Support Independent BW owned and operted media. We can and we must do it!

What is this "69 For Six" ? Independent filmmaking Re-invented

Briefly, it's a six film series from a  San Francisco vanguard production team: the folks behind San Francisco's legendary public cable access tv show DEE DEE TV.
Just as San Francisco experienced the Summer of Love, 69 For Six is a historic San Francisco cultural movement.

1. 6 Films
2. 69 pledge drive video as a performane art campaign made back in the spring of 2012.

Why 69? Why Six films? 

That's why we created 69 For Six picked the number 69 because it's memorable and we've never heard of a single artist creating 69 pledge drive videos.
The six films must be done. The nucelous of the project is the mother of the director. Her elder abuse and subsquent death gavanized her into action. Each story is so individual that it has to be told and each story has never been told and for me as an iconoclast and arch nonconformist, that's motivation enough. That and my Mom, the angel
Because females make up only 5% of filmmakers. And the numbers are smaller for African Americans.

What you get by giving to 69 For Six

You get to be a hero. You get to be one of the cool kids. You get to brag about being an insider.
Each film is funded 100% by good people like you. We've self funded the tv show for over 15 years and now  you can help make historic films.

The 69 for Six Tee 

Receive your very own artsy 69 For Six tee shirt designed by Dee Dee Russell. We've got small up to Extra Extra Large. You will also have your name added as a supporter on the 69 For Six website.

Here's how you can help 

Give us that dough. You can give five bucks. For ten bucks you get ____. Or $25  gets you. Are you a shot caller? For a measy One Thousand Bucks you get a Associate Producer credit and massive goodie package! 

Hero's spread the word they put their money where their mouth is. They create the change they want to be in the world.
Buttons, buttons share the buttons. Facebook/Twitter/Goggle+

The Future Of Independent Filmmaking Belongs to Viewers Who Care
We appreciate and thank you for making it happen, and for spreading the word.

The Future Of Independent Filmmaking Belongs to Viewers Who Care
We appreciate and thank you for making it happen, and for spreading the word.


We've been doing field research for the six films and have some big news coming in a day!

69 For Six


Why six films?

That is the question. Why 6 films? And of course, thank you for visiting and if you pledged thank you very much.

Each story is so individual that it has to be told and each story has never been told and for me as an iconoclast and arch nonconformist, that's motivation enough. That and my Mom, the angel, occasionally comes to me in dreams encouraging me.

Dee Dee Russell
San Francisco


Dee Dee Russell's Happy Dark Girls (Road Film) Teaser Trailer #1 -69 For 6

Hey! Here's the update teaser for Happy Dark Girls, the road film where we interview YOU as you give testimony about the influence that Miss Diana Ross has had on your life! Thanks for watching and when you can please make a pledge at Indie GoGo. This, and all the other films -6 in all, are funded by viewers like you. If you can't pledge could you please spread the news?


Thank You! Hollywood Street King and Beyond Black and White!

Creating the 69 For Six filmmaker's pledge drive with 69 pledge drive videos to crowdfund six documentary films has required the work of some very good people. Recognizing them publicity is the least I can do by way of thanking them for their consideration and kindess.

By the way, you can engage personally on the Dee Dee Russell fan page, and go watch 69 For Six You Tube Channel to see each of the 69 videos, please and thank you!

Here goes a sincere show of appreciation, sexist womanist bohemian style:

Thank You to Richard Lefrak as production designer on all six documentary films. He is the individual who has given the most effort getting the launch going.

"You want a New Black Filmmaker? Well, here she is!"
 Thanks to Jacky Jasper  for a write up so awesome that I cried! I love HSK cause he's like, the only male major "urban" entertainment writer who isn't colorist nor misogynist! For that alone I kiss his buttons! His site is refreshing and hilarious, raw, educational and a big time suck you will get lost browsing past pages!

Thank you!
"Whew lawd, I thought I was busy. But Dee Dee Russell's upcoming projects are putting me to shame."
Also on the press front is Christelyn Karazin and her swirling media empire at!  

Photo: Chad Anderson
A fresh glass of my home made juice blend to legendary drummer (Talking Heads & Tom Tom Club) Chris Frantz for his Facebook friendship for giving me an exclusive interview for my documentary film HAPPY DARK GIRLS!

The whole point of creating 69 Pledge Drive Videos is to crowdfund 6 documentary films. To do that takes publicity and here is my wish-list for interviews.

Stevie Wonder! 
Did you know that he's the Number One pledge drive video at 69 for six? Yeh his pledge video is rather psycho dramatic... I was a teen fangurl! He's my spiritual father; emotionally I'm closer to Stevie than my legal Father. How special is that? He's my total top artistic inspiration!!

Howard Stern
 I wuv Howard with Robin Stern and wanna be on their show so bad!  I was a childhood cartoonist, weened on Mad Magazine so I have a very satirical, New York perspective. I imagine Howard Stern, Robin and me discussing the film My Friend  Scarlot Harlot, the godmother of the sex worker movement! Did you know that she coined the term Sex Work(er) at a conference back in the late 1970's?


OK, everyone, now just get 10 of your friends to pledge a dollar for one of the six films. Then they'll tell 100 friends, etc.  And we'll have our own barefoot jam!

 Thank you so much! Wanna hang out? You can drop an email, too! Questions?


The Six Documentary Films of 69 For Six

Hello Friends!
Welcome to 69 For Six  the world's first filmmaker's pledge drive using 69 pledge drive videos to outreach to  69 celebrities to crowdfund 6 documentary films. Yes some people might think we're crazy for doing this but our motto, as a filmmaker is 'lead, follow or get the hell out of our way'. We're lucky to have a few good friends in our corner and invite you to micro-invest as little as a dollar.

San Francisco filmmaker DEE DEE RUSSELL  has a directorial style known as Cinema Verite better known as truthful cinema, a style of documentary filmmaking known for taking a passionate, provocative stance towards it's topics.

Yes we know times are tough. You can pledge a dollar! or more, of course. The more you pledge the better the gifts. If you don't have a dollar, please forward this link to your friends, or post this on Facebook, or your blog. Be part of history, 69 For Six!  Now, take a look at all six films and visit the Indio GoGo page. One or more of them will call out to you.

Teaser Trailer: 


Teaser Trailer: HAPPY DARK GIRLS

Teaser Trailer: 

Teaser Trailer: 


Thanks! You did it. We're ready for interviews and all that good stuff, contact us, we return email promptly.


Welcome to 69 For Six Pledge Drive 2012

69 For Six  Pledge Drive 2012! 
69 Videos to 69 Celebrities To Fund Six Documentary Films
Directed by DEE DEE RUSSELL- Production Designer:RICHARD LEFRAK
Dear Friends, Fans, Supports, Viewers and Family
Did we mention that we love and adore your soul? 

You are Cordially Invited to help in supporting six Cinema Verite (aka 'truth cinema') documentary films.

You can contribute starting with One Dollar in the current March/April 2012 Indie GoGo pledge drive 69 For Six.

You will become a micro-investor rewarded with exciting perks up to an Executive Producer role. When you donate your support, you are securing your role in this historical pledge drive. You can do this at any level, starting at One Dollar. Yes that's right, a buck.

What we've done to generate buzz is create 69 Pledge Drive Videos (watch them HERE) to 69 celebrities whom we admire and a few whom we satirize! Yes it's a bold statement. Maybe one of those celebrities will discover this project!

To recognize your support we give you awesome recognition every step of the way! 
Now, let's make a movie...or six. Below are the links to each film's Indie GoGo funding page!





With your pledge, you enjoy a personal relationship with Dee Dee Russell and a high level of unique experiences, exclusive access and behind the scenes information during this one-of-a-kind pledge drive. For more information and interviews contact: (69forsix AT